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January 5, 2014
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[TBT] - Wildstorm by StarreeSkies [TBT] - Wildstorm by StarreeSkies

:new:New image and updated personality/relationship status. He is open and looking for a mate ;;:new:

Identification Details

Name:   Wildkit | Wildpaw | Wildstorm

Age:  36+ moons

♂ Male

Clan: Skyclan


Rank: Deputy

Current Apprentice: N/A
Previous Apprentice(s): Hollowclaw

Star Points: 100 *………

Physical Information

Accent: South Australian ;D

Scent: -- TBA

- Tall and sturdy build, dense bones and long legs.
- His torso is shorter, around 3/4 the length of his tail in total.
- Rather muscular along his shoulders and thighs, though his neck and jaw muscles are weaker than normal.
- Broad-faced with a long muzzle, tall ears and pointed cheek bones.
** Though during the plague, he is thinner as shown above with thinner legs, a line defining his rib cage under his long pelt and is often seen with darker bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep/exhaustion. He has not yet come down with the illness, but as deputy he's been working hard to keep things organised and assist Cloverstar in anything he possibly can.

Breed: Norwegian Forest/Ragdoll x Maine Coon mix

Gender Identity: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)

Personal Information

Grandmother:  Mintfur (mother's side), Owlsight (father's side)
Grandfather: Tyrone (mother's side), Willowtail (father's side)
Mother: Pounceheart - Norwegian Forest Cat x Ragdoll 
Father: Darkstorm - Maine Coon mix
Siblings: Skykit, Ashkit, Shadowkit 


:bulletgreen: "A good trait!"

:bulletyellow: "Mostly good, few down-sides."

:bulletorange: "Mmm.. I'm not so sure this is good or bad. It's 50/50!"

:bulletred: "A bad trait!!"

:bulletgreen: [Affectionate] - He is overall a very sweet and affectionate tom, almost as affectionate as he is fluffy! Wildstorm is known for walking past his loved ones/close friends and placing his tail over their backs/shoulders or flank, also rubbing his cheeks against other cats that he sees as 'his' or are (again) close to his heart. When in a relationship, Storm is overly affectionate to the point where his partner may/may not get slightly irritated by it; things like curling his body around them, intertwining tails, licking forehead/shoulder/ear etc. is a very common sight to see. As well as pretty much eliminating any space between himself and the other cat, though after being told off he seems to try and do his best not to smother them with his love. (my gosh Wildstorm you sook)

:bulletred:[Indecisive]-Wildstorm isn't that great at making a decision quickly, his calculating mind will often cause him to over think things and tangle him up in even more options, pros and cons; only to confuse him all the more. Except when it's a life or death decision, he will obliviously act out of impulse, unless otherwise specified. This trait often irritates him as much as it does his clanmates from time to time, though you can never doubt Wildstorm's good intentions.

:new: :bulletred:[Oblivious] - Wildstorm is rather oblivious/blind to hidden messages and struggles to get jokes/read between the lines at times. So in order to get through to him sometimes you'll just have to be very blunt so he'll understand, having a rather serious mind-set while he's on duty Wildstorm can become rather... 'thick'. For example, he might be being a little too 'touchy-feely' by rubbing his cheek against yours or brushing closely past you though there's quite a fair bit of space he could have used to avoid you; he may not see how this affects you and just goes on as normal. He doesn't see that his actions may come across as flirtatious or overly affectionate, so this may give your cat the wrong message. Also, it works the other way around too at times; if your cat is trying to be flirtatious and he has no/little attraction toward them he will recognize their behaviour as being friendly- effectively friendzoning your cat. //he wonders why he doesn't have a mate omg//

:new: :bulletgreen: [Fatherly/'Big Brother'] - Wildstorm is usually rather casual with his peers, and treats those around him (especially apprentices and kits) as if they were either his siblings and is always trying to straighten dramas within the clan, to be that cat everyone goes to for a little pep-talk (though this isn't always the case, and his advice isn't always 100% amazing). He gives compliments freely and whole-heartedly, often embarrassing your cat. WIP

:bulletorange:[Laid-Back/Easy-Going] - Wildstorm generally isn't fussed by much, he's rarely seen getting agitated/stressed because he's most likely to relaxed to care. Little quarrels and mistakes don't bother Storm much, he'll generally shrug them off as if nothing ever happened in relation to it.

:bulletorange:[Fierce] - Wildstorm is an extremely fierce tom, he fights, protects and loves fiercely. In battle, Wildstorm will put all his effort and spirit into it and fight with all of his power. He is not only fierce to enemy clans but even his clanmates (in certain situations), if they aren't keeping their noses to themselves he will make sure it's seen to and fast. He resembles a lion in both appearance and his fierceness, though being as fierce as he is... it's not often you'll see him lay a claw on any cat without a strong and justified reason.

:bulletyellow:[Over protective] - Wildstorm will protect the one(s) he has strong feelings for (whether it's family, clan mates or a love interest) with his life. Even if they're just caught up in a squabble with another cat he will jump in and fight their own fight for them, even against their will. This does get annoying to other cats, but he sees it at showing his feelings for them...) Wildstorm often gets carried away defending himself/others and digs himself a hole into more trouble.



Wildkit was born into Skyclan, to his parents; Pounceheart and Darkstorm. (Darkstorm: Smoky tom with yellow eyes, marbled tabby. Tall, thin and very long/thick furred. - Pounceheart: Long haired grey she-cat with white markings and blue/green eyes)
The two proud parents grew up together, from kit-hood, all the way through to becoming warriors. Though, his parents weren't always 'lovey-dovey'... The two started off as complete opposites, Darkstorm being the sly show-off, and Pounceheart being the gentle, quiet one. 
Darkstorm was rather popular, having the other toms his age hanging around him. Unexpectedly, to both himself and his group of friends, he began to fall for the quiet and gentle Pounceheart. His friends jeered him about his crush on the quiet she-cat, making it obvious when he hung around her or even payed attention to her. Darkstorm became rather irritable, and his patience with the other toms wore off, so when we went to go talk to Pounceheart, face-to-face, the other toms began to taunt him again, thinking it was all a joke (like they used to do as apprentices). Darkstorm broke, he spun around and confronted his friends, growling and hissing at them, saying, "You have no authority to be dictating who I have feelings for! I'm sick of you guys tailing me wherever I go, and.. and... JUST STOP! Please..." He calms down and turns around to face the poor startled she-cat, his yellow eyes softened, so dd his tone of voice, "Just because I've fallen hard for this beautiful, gentle she-cat, doesn't give you the right to tease me about it." he took a step toward Pounceheart, flicking the tuft of hair on the top of his head, away from his eyes. Then he began to apologize for what had been happening since they'd become warriors, and confessed his true feelings to her once his friends had dispersed. Pounceheart then also confessed that she'd had feelings for him since kit-hood, and that she's so over joyed that he feels the same.
Then came the day Pounceheart became pregnant with kits.
She gave birth to a litter of 4, two still-born, two toms, one was white with a grey patch on his rump and tail, the other was black with white tipped ears and tail; then the two live born, Wildkit and Skykit.

Wildkit's best kitten hood friend was his twin sister; Skykit, her fur was a fair few shades lighter than his, and she had a white blaze from her forehead down to her throat. When the two grew to 4 moons old, Skykit grew very tired more often, and her behaviors began to deteriorate. Wildkit was very worried for his sister, staying with her and trying to cheer her up, he at first thought she was only sad and tired. Pounceheart had also noticed her change in behavior, and took her to the medicine cat, to find she was seriously ill, and dying. Though the illness was unknown, it was only known that it was a genetic default, and her body began to shut down. Pounceheart and Darkstorm were heartbroken to find their only daughter was to die within the next moon.
Wildkit was also shattered, when he was told about his twin sister and best friend was dying. He became more reserved and quiet, he refused to leave the medicine den. But when it came the time for Skykit to pass away to Starclan, he and his parents stayed with her until she passed. Poor Wildkit was absolutely shattered, he was lost.
He spent the next two moons recovering from the shock.

Wildkit had learned how to push away the memories of his sister and her dying moments out of his mind, and how to deal with troubles like that. His personality is still quiet and withdrawn. He is unable to feel comfortable around anymore than one cat beside his parents at a time. He slowly made progress and began to become bolder and more confident, he vowed to himself that he would be the best warrior he could be for Skykit. Wildpaw made few friends and often those relationships hadn't lasted.

RP sample:
Wildkit buried his nose deep into the thick, light grey and white fur of his sister. He squeezed his blue eyes shut, as they began to cloud up with hot tears. As his nose touched Skykit's body, he could feel the last of the warmth draining out of her. His shoulders shuddered as he sobbed into her fur, "Skykit... Skykit- why?" His voice was shaking with emotion, "Why couldn't you stay...?" Wildkit felt a soft paw gently curl around underneath him, on his stomach, pulling him gently away. The grey tom shot his pained blue gaze upward, to see his father, Darkstorm towering over him and pulling him closer. "Wildkit.. It's okay, you'll be able to see her again one day.." The dark tom's voice was quiet and softer than usual; he rasped his tongue gently over the large kit's head, grooming his tuft of fur on his head. Wildkit snuggled into his father’s front leg, and just sobbed bitterly. He felt his mother’s long tail curl around him as she sat beside the two toms, as they grieved their sister and daughter's death. 
"I never thought it would come to this.." Pounceheart's soft voice shook as she tried to hold herself together, "We already lost Ashkit and Shadowkit... Now our little sweetheart, our only she-kit... gone." Darkstorm licked the grey and white she-cats muzzle and then her ear, in an effort to comfort his love. 
'They're feeling it too... they feel the same way I do. The.. loss and... and.. sadness of losing Skykit..' The kit thought as he looked up at his parents, realizing that he, Wildkit, was the only kit they had left. They had lost two kits before now, then a third coming to Skykit's mysterious death. He looked down at his paws, then back at the lifeless body of his twin sister. Frowning, trying to hold in his tears he whipped his head in the opposite direction of her and began to cry again. Within a moment, he felt teeth grasp his scruff and lift him off the ground, the sweet scent of Pounceheart flooded his nostrils, "Come on Wildkit, lets go back to the nursery, we've said our goodbyes.. We need to sleep now little-one." Her voice was muffled by the mass of thick grey fur in her mouth.
The trio of grey cats slowly shoved their way out of the medicine den heads down, tails drooping. They had finished their grieving, now it was time for their rest.

Additional info:
-long, thick furred tail
-mottled paw pads
-muscular body build
-thick fur
-wide/broad shouldered

-helping out wherever possible
-making close relationships
-windy/stormy weather

-hot weather

-losing someone close to him
-falling in love

Bullet; Black Despise/Dislike/Loathe/Discomfort||

Bullet; White Unsure/Mixed Feelings ||

Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Acquaintance||

Bullet; Blue Friend||

Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Good Friend||

Bullet; Green Best Friend||

Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend||

Bullet; Yellow Attraction||

Bullet; Pink Crush||

Bullet; Red Love||

Bullet; RedBullet; Red Mate||

Bullet; Purple Family||

Bullet; Orange Special/Admire/Respect/Ally||
Sugarpaw | Female | Windclan | Bullet; White Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black | Doctor-Flight
"Ugh, there's something about this she-cat that can't stop me from looking at her! ...What? Are you saying that I have feelings for her?! No way! Not at all, she's a little Windclan pest and I can't STAND her. Ever since our surprise meeting on the Skyclan border, we haven't gotten along well and look; she gave me these scars that are now engraved into my face... hmph, if I had it my way I won't have anything to do with her in future..."

Doestep | Female | Skyclan | Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue | Wildfire-Tama
"Doestep you say? Hm, well I'm not sure how she sees it but to me we're pretty good friends! Whenever we're feeling down either one of us is ready to jump in and give support to our fellow clanmate. Heck, even patrolling is fun with Doestep. She's a great she-cat with a playful, kind and compassionate demeanor."

Cherrystem | Female | Skyclan | Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Bullet; Orange | Wildfire-Cat
"Heh, Cherrystem is probably the sweetest young she-cat I've known; all she worries about is our clan and pretty much every cat aside from herself! Though I too am the same now that the plague has set in.. the poor darlin' needs to take care of herself a little more. We haven't talked much, since I was given my warrior name before she was apprenticed. But now that we both have duties to help our clan, we've been able to spend more time together out of the camp hunting and re-enforcing the borders and through that we've gotten to know each other rather well! I truly admire her selflessness and compassion for others, she really inspires me to keep my chin up and move along. She's much more than just a pretty face~"

Hollowpaw | Male | Skyclan | Bullet; Orange | XxUkarixX
"My dear apprentice... he's quite an energetic and outgoing tom, I see great potential for him to grow into a strong warrior of Skyclan and perhaps follow in my pawsteps to becoming deputy one day-- who knows! I'm really eager to get to know Hollowpaw better and become closer to him-- he seems to be a great little tom."

Morningbreeze | Female | Thunderclan | Bullet; WhiteBullet; White | ShadowFox400

Mothdust | Male | Riverclan | ____ | candysprites

Peachbelly | Female | Skyclan | :bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletyellow:| SophSouffle

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